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1997 - Foundation for Research in Ophthalmology (FRO), Jules Gonin University Eye Hospital/ “Asile des Aveugles”

In 1997 it was decided to establish a foundation aimed at the promotion of a research faculty within the Jules Gonin University Eye Hospital / “Asile des Aveugles” in Lausanne, this for two main reasons:

  • Recognition of the University Department of Ophthalmology in Vaud as center of excellence in vision sciences.
  • Scarcity of public funding, insufficient to finance research in ophthalmology.


2005 – Partnership FRO / IRO (Institute for Research in Ophthalmology)

The IRO was established in 1989 in Sion.

In order to coordinate research activities of the two sites, in 2000 IRO signed a convention with the University of Lausanne, bringing it under the academic and scientific responsibility of the University Department of Ophthalmology of the University of Lausanne.

In 2005, the FRO statutes were amended to enable the support of projects at both the Jules Gonin faculty and IRO, in line with the principles of collaboration between the two research centers.


2007 - Open Eyes, Foundation for Research in Ophthalmology

In 2007, the Foundation for Research in Ophthalmology (FRO) became Open Eyes, Foundation for Research in Ophthalmology. The new name is part of the commitment to:

  • promote and support the development of the scientific pole Lausanne / Sion through national and international recognition.
  • cultivate links with other partners – both public and private - in the context of research projects, in particular with the EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne).

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